Best Kids Vegan Shoes For the Environment

Trying to find vegan kids shoes? With so many choices available, it can be a difficult decision to make. But it is an important one, as kids should not have to put their health or lives in danger just because of the choice they make about their footwear. Sadly many companies selling kids’ shoes do not offer vegan shoe options and can’t confirm whether non-leather footwear is free from animal derivatives in all areas, including the glue used to assemble the soles. However, there is hope, and some vegan children’s shoe manufacturers have started to look into this area, so you may wish to check out what they have to offer. Buy quality vegan shoes for kids at

Vegan Kids Shoes

Best Kids Vegan Shoes For the Environment

Even though many child shoe brands claim that they do not use animal derivatives, it is still very difficult to tell exactly which ingredients are used to make your vegan kid’s shoes. They may not use dyes or chemicals, but are they using talc? Some other components found in baby shoes and vegan shoes include lanolin, rubber and phthalates. These chemicals often come from the natural glue used to assemble the soles, so using vegan shoes with glue is not a bad idea.

In most cases, if you buy vegan kid’s shoes, they will be a little softer than other children’s shoes. This is down to the padding, as it is not the sole, as some people assume. It is more a matter of the manufacturing process, as the softness is down to the manufacturing process rather than the actual material used. But you should still be able to tell when you look at a pair of vegan children’s trainers – if you have bought from a reputable company, then you should be able to see the difference. Buy quality vegan shoes for kids at

A great place to find vegan kids shoes free of animal derivatives is ethically sourced baby clothes. You should always tell the difference between ethically sourced clothing and non-ethically sourced clothing, and the same is true when buying vegan kid’s shoes. This is important because the clothing industry is very concentrated on animal derivatives, and even a small amount of cruelty to animals can result in vast amounts of clothing. So this is your way of ensuring that you do not support this cruelty by purchasing vegan kid’s shoes. Buy quality vegan shoes for kids at