Understanding Different Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

Tooth whitening or dental bleaching is simply the procedure of whitening the colour of teeth. Teeth can become stained over time, especially with coffee, tobacco, and age. Teeth whitening is most often sought when teeth yellow over time and is achieved by altering the colourtooth’s underlying enamel colour or appearance. While teeth whitening can be done in the dentist’s office, it is much more convenient and effective to use a bleaching kit at home.

Teeth Whitening AdelaideThe goal of teeth whitening is to make your smile stand out from others and be more attractive. It is accomplished by removing discoloured stains on the surface of your teeth, which are made up of stains from the minerals found in your tooth enamel and dentin. The two types of tooth enamels are dentin and enamel. The dentin is somewhat similar to the mineral sap of granite. As this mineral-rich material ages, it begins to take on stains and become less white; this is what causes your teeth to become yellow.

For teeth whitening to take place effectively, the stains must first be removed from the front teeth. It is best achieved through using a professional teeth whitening procedure which is referred to as laminectomy. To perform this procedure properly, your dentist in Teeth Whitening Adelaide will have to take x-rays of your mouth to determine which areas of your teeth need the most work. These areas are typically sensitive to the light of the x-rays and are the front teeth.

A good candidate for the laminectomy procedure is someone who has sensitive teeth and does not want to undergo the process because their teeth are already stained. If you are a smoker, this will make the teeth more yellow than they would be if you did not smoke. There are also other factors such as your age and how long you have been a smoker that will play a role in whether you will be a good candidate for the laminectomy. For people who have sensitive teeth, this treatment can often be performed under local anaesthesia as well. If you go into surgery without being a good candidate for the dentist, most dentists will not perform the treatment.

One type of in-office teeth whitening system in Teeth Whitening Adelaide is bleaching strips, trays, or brush on applications. These systems use a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide, which is applied to the teeth in small trays. You have to wear the tray for the length of time recommended on the container and will need to repeat this application every few hours until the desired shade of white is achieved.