Sports Physiotherapy – A Functional Rehabilitation Approach

Sports physiotherapy refers to a comprehensive range of services offered by qualified, professionally trained physiotherapists in the UK to help athletes, sportspersons and weekend warriors suffering from sports-related injuries such as sprains, strains, ligament injuries, dislocations and fractures. Such injuries can include ankle sprains, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, sports fractures and sports back injuries. It is a medical practice that addresses the treatment of sports-related injuries to the physical structure of the patient’s body and limbs. During and after strenuous physical activity, the body is often subject to sudden stress or strain, which can cause damage to the soft tissues and muscles. Most sports persons suffer from an inelastic force to their body systems, resulting in various types of injuries such as tightness in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Visit now for more information.

Sports Physio AdelaideA well trained and experienced sports physiotherapist can conduct comprehensive sports assessments and provide effective rehabilitation services to injured patients. The physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic exercise regime to assess the severity of the injury. Based on the initial findings, the patient will be provided with targeted exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate the affected muscle groups. After rehabilitation, the physiotherapist will continue to teach the patient specific exercises to rehabilitate specific muscle groups and help the patient avoid any further discomfort caused by an injury. Usually, the physiotherapist will teach exercises to the patient in complete detail, and sometimes, he or she may even coach the patient on exercises to improve specific sports activities. Sports physio Adelaide includes specific exercises for treating knee injuries, ankle sprains, ligament injuries and sports fractures. Visit now for more information.

Sports injury rehabilitation aims to return the injured person’s normal fitness level and minimise any long-term effects of the injury to the patient. Typically, a sports injury will not heal overnight and will take some time to recover fully. A combination of physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, massage, stretching and a well-planned diet and lifestyle programme is used to speed up the recovery process. Visit now for more information.

A professional and well-trained sports physiotherapist can perform a wide range of tasks. A wide range of therapeutic interventions is used to treat sports injuries. For example, ultrasound and laser therapy are commonly used to help improve the flexibility of the injured muscles. Exercise programs, such as low impact aerobics, are also used to improve the patient’s general fitness levels. Sports medicine techniques such as balance and muscular strength training are also taught. For more information about sports physio Adelaide, click here.