How Do Invisalign Teeth Aligners Work

How do Invisalign Adelaide by DentalExcellence work? Well, you’ve probably seen some television ads or read a few magazine articles with pictures of people who have their teeth perfectly aligned with Invisalign braces. The concept is quite simple: by wearing the aligners in your mouth, you can straighten your teeth and get back the teeth that were lost over time due to bad teeth alignment. The way Invisalign works are that the aligners are designed to be either invisible or disguised completely when you wear them, making them impossible for others to see.

The main way to do Invisalign teeth aligners work is that they are worn as a special brace. The brace puts pressure on the teeth to make them lie in line with each other. However, it’s not just the teeth that are put under stress. The Invisalign braces also stretch the cheeks and tongue, creating the impression of longer and narrower teeth. This sounds odd but is true. Many patients describe their Invisalign experience as “life imitating art”.

When people wear their Invisalign braces, they will notice immediately that their dentures do not slip down their mouths any more. Previously, dentures would move around depending on the positions you kept in your mouth. But not anymore! The aligners force the dentures to stay in place and without slipping down or sliding around.

invisalign-adelaide-by-dentalexcellenceHow do Invisalign Adelaide by DentalExcellence work in other ways too? Besides putting constant pressure on the teeth, they also help prevent tooth decay. The aligners are designed to wear over the years and gradually reshape the teeth so that they are the perfect fit in your mouth. This means you get to enjoy delicious meals with no unpleasant taste and no bad breath.

So how do Invisalign teeth aligners work in this way? By placing the brackets over each tooth, they force the teeth back into position. Over time, the teeth will naturally shape themselves again. When the brackets are removed, the teeth will move naturally with your mouth. This is one of the reasons why Invisalign braces are considered to be far superior to conventional braces. Traditional metal braces can cause severe dental problems and will also have a major impact on your appearance.

So how do Invisalign Adelaide by DentalExcellence work? Overall, this treatment works by using clear removable, plastic aligners that are custom-made for each patient. They are worn in your mouth, above the retained natural teeth, for some time. Once the time has elapsed, the aligners are removed, and the teeth are placed in their new position. This treatment gives you a new set of teeth in which you can smile without being embarrassed about not seeing properly.