Why You Should Have a Hearing Test

An audiometry examination is an easy, painless, non-invasive hearing test Adelaide that measures a patient’s ability to recognize different sound pitches, sounds, or frequencies. Audiometers are often used to screen for hearing impairment before a patient begins any invasive treatments. Patients with a brain tumour in or near the ear can also undergo audiometry to measure their brain-stem auditory evoked response before or after surgery to monitor their hearing. Audiometry is also used to diagnose hearing problems and to compare how people perceive sound. In addition, some audiologists use computer databases to help patients rate their hearing.

SASHC Audiometry is usually performed by an audiologist who specializes in otoplasty or ear pinning procedures. Ear pinning is a common procedure for people who have experienced temporary or permanent hearing loss. It is done when the doctor inserts tiny earplugs into the ear canal to reposition the ears and block out external noise. The result is a more natural-sounding hearing level and typically a higher percentage of hearing loss reduction. People who undergo ear pinning surgeries normally have their hearing damaged, so the audiogram is used as a diagnostic test to judge the hearing loss.

The standard audiogram for people is probably the one that is taken on a large screen inside a hearing care professional’s office. The patient will be asked to look directly into the machine and move their eyes up and down to see the gradation of tone levels. A digital timer counts seconds during the test and will stop the sequence when the patient’s eyes no longer look at the timer. The hearing test Adelaide is usually performed on an audiometer with a small stimulus source such as a radio, CD, or MP3 player. Some audiometers incorporate an eyecare unit to do the hearing test while wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

If there is no hearing test performed, there are two different kinds. One requires a trained person to play an audio track at different volumes. The other requires a listener to listen to different volumes while listening to the same track with one ear at a time. These tests are used to determine which sounds are louder and which ones are softer.

Hearing loss occurs in all areas of the hearing system, not just one or the other. When hearing loss begins to occur, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible. One of the most common treatments is noise suppression, which is changing normal sounds to reduce background noise, which can make all the difference between your ability to live and work comfortably.

When you are ready to take your hearing test Adelaide, make sure that you are relaxed and prepared. You should always start with the lightest background noise and increase the volume as you feel more comfortable. Be sure to bring any medications that you may be using for your cold, flu or allergies. Your hearing healthcare professional will be able to give you specific instructions about how to proceed when you have reached your hearing test Adelaide. You can learn more about your hearing loss and the treatments available on this website.