5 Tips Only the Best Driving School Lugarno Will Teach You

Even if your dad is the most experienced driver you know, he may not be able to teach you the same way a driving school lugarno can. A certified driving school can provide quality training and mentorship that you wont acquire anywhere else. They can offer exclusive driving tips and other techniques that even your dad wont tell you.

Learning how to drive involves the basics. It also talks about advanced mechanics and nuances. However, only the best driving school Lugarno can go the distance and provide you with tips not many schools will cover. With that said, here are five tips that only the best driving school will teach you:

1 – Check if All the Mirrors Are Adjusted Correctly

driving-school-lugarnoSounds simple and basic, right? Unfortunately, not all driving instructors can teach you this unless you ask about it. They can introduce you to the rear-view and side mirrors as part of the cockpit drill.” But they wont delve deep into showing you the proper adjustment that will let you maximize the use of these mirrors. The best driving school will show you how to position your mirrors. That way, there wont be any blind spots that you cant see.

2 – Learn to Feel Where Your Wheels Are

Another important yet frequently ignored topic about driving is knowing where your wheels are at. Having this sense is incredibly important as it will help avoid potholes on the road, which can scratch your hubcaps. Only the best instructors at a top-level driving school will teach you how to feel your wheels. That way, you can avoid potential obstacles on the road instead of running over them.

3 – Guided Parking Using Your Mirrors and Windows

Any driving school can teach you how to park. But only the best one will teach you guided parking using your mirrors and windows. For instance, your instructor will teach you that you should stop once the curb appears in your side mirror during perpendicular parking. For parallel parking, the instructor will tell you to stick a piece of duct tape to the bottom of the windshield and stop once the mark matches the curb line. If your driving instructor teaches you these parking tricks, then you can guarantee that youve found the right driving school Lugarno.

4 – Lowering Your Rear-view Mirror at Night 

Even experienced drivers arent aware that a standard rear-view mirror has two modes (day and night mode). To avoid being blinded by the light of the car behind you, the best driving school will tell you to change the angle of the rear-view mirror by pulling down the lever under it.

5 – Turning On the Air Conditioner Regularly

Finally, only the best driving schools will tell you to always turn on your air conditioner even when youre not using it. If you dont, the coolant will seep out, and the tubes will become dry.

These are just a sample of the essential things that only the best driving school will teach you. So make sure you choose wisely if you want to make the most of your driving course.