Methods for Cleaning Evaporative Air Conditioner at Home

Evaporative air conditioners are inexpensive and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional air conditioners. Working on the concept that’s similar to the principles that make people sweat, an evaporative air conditioner collects warm air from the outside through a series of water-soaked pads, cooling it before blowing it inside a room. Since there are only a few moving parts, cleaning evaporative air conditioner is quite simple and straightforward. However, just like other types of air conditioners, evaporative AC can still accumulate too much dust and get clogged.


That’s why it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. In this article, we’re going to teach you how you can manage your evaporative air conditioner and make sure that it’s working efficiently.


Exterior Cleaning

Exterior cleaning starts with a thorough wipe down of the outside unit of your evaporative air conditioning unit. Use a soft, damp cloth and dip it in plain water mixed with mild dish soap. Never use harsh or abrasive cleansers as it can potentially damage small components of your unit.


Visual Inspection

Turn your evaporative air conditioner off before carefully opening it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual provided with the unit. Before cleaning the evaporative air conditioner, you should make a quiet visual inspection of the entire system. Check the water level and look for spots where water doesn’t seem to be flowing freely. Click here to learn more.


Cooling Pad Removal and Replacement

Lift the cooling pads and check for any mould, crack, or other signs of damage. If the status of your cooling pads look acceptable, proceed to wash them in water mixed with mild soap. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly. If they’re starting to show signs of wear, there’s no other option but a replacement. In this case, remove the entire retainer and frame. Wash and let dry it. Insert the new pads before reinstalling it again. Make sure the structure and retainer are correctly installed without any gaps.


Float Valve Check

Manipulate the float valve and check for any mineral debris or deposits. If it sticks rather than moving quickly, clean it thoroughly with a mild soapy solution. If you spot any scaling, add water treatment tablets. Consult with the manufacturer’s instruction manual to determine the type of descalers to use for your system.


Cleaning evaporative air conditioner is quite the pickle. So if you want to make it easier for you, make sure you follow this quick guide. For a more comprehensive take, check out our blog page now or talk to one of our representatives via Facebook chat.