An Elegant Eco-Friendly Alternative to Wrapping Hay

Ten school students in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School, southeast of Ottawa, in Russell, Ontario, northwest of Hamilton, is inventing an innovative edible bale wrap. The bale wrap consists of corn husks and is safe for cows to eat or shredded and can even be stored on a farm. The students at the school are looking for other ways to promote themselves and their school’s awareness of the environment.


They want to use their creative minds to help local farmers. When they come up with a new product that is attractive, environmentally friendly and tasty, it will be easier to sell. The students in the class are all dairy farmers and know how important their products are to the economy and environment. After hearing about the Bale Wrap, they are inspired to create a product just like it and sell them to schools all over Ontario. bale wrap, the name of the school’s new product, has been created to promote the use of renewable resources. The school and its students are looking for creative ways to raise awareness for a sustainable future. This is especially important because of the global crisis facing the environment and how it affects our health and the environment we live in. They believe everyone has the right to feel good about what they are doing for the future of our world.


Bales of straw are recycled into different products, including paper and bale rags, which can also be used for wraps. The students have already done the research and come up with all of the products they need to create a product that sells well and helps promote sustainability. They are now waiting for the market to grow and for people to use their product in their own homes and businesses. The students are working hard to bring attention to the need to use eco-friendly materials in their wrapping needs. They have also included a few ideas of their own to make their product unique and different from any other crap out there.


The students are selling their bales in the area of town but are also looking for people to buy their product at their school. If they sell it out of their school’s website, the students can sell it out of their cars on their way to and from school. If they don’t sell out on their school’s website, they can buy it on eBay, Amazon or another online market. It is possible to order their product at a wholesale price to be able to sell the wrap in other places around the country. For more information about bale wraps, click here.