4 Important Factors to Look For in Wedding Venues

From New York City to the suburbs of Southern California, many brides find that they have several PlayFordHotel wedding venues to choose from. However, with so many options, it can be not easy to narrow down your options to just one that will meet your specifications. To help you make this decision, keep these tips in mind when shopping for wedding venues:

PlayFordHotel Wedding VenuesLarge Windows. Most wedding venues come with large, clear windows that can be viewed by guests from outside. This makes them a popular choice for weddings held on a sunny day. However, large windows aren’t always the best idea for a wedding held at night. For example, a large window will block light and create a very romantic ambience. If the weather is unusually warm or cold, consider another venue that provides more direct light exposure for your guests.

Brick Walls. Brick walls are perfect for weddings held on a cold or snowy day. With snow falling from the sky and ice forming on the ground, it can be not easy to create a romantic atmosphere without using the bricks. However, brick walls are often not the most appealing backdrop to photographs, so if this is the type of wedding you’re planning, look elsewhere. Consider a different location altogether for photos of your reception.

Steel beams. Many PlayFordHotel wedding venues feature open, brick-enclosed areas. While these are attractive and convenient for weddings, they can also be claustrophobic and uncomfortable for some guests. If you need a wedding venue with more space but that offers less of a claustrophobic atmosphere, look elsewhere.

Wood or stone. It may seem strange to mention wood or stone in a list of wedding venues, but these two materials are a great addition to many weddings. Wedding venues that feature wood and stone come in a number of different styles and colours. Many are designed in a traditional or vintage theme. Some feature unique designs that are both beautiful and unique. There are a number of wedding venues that offer a more eclectic mix of styles, including brick-coloured walls, an abundance of wood accents, and even an outdoor garden area. These types of wedding venues can be both unique and beautiful, giving your wedding that special touch of uniqueness.

When you are looking for bridal venues, remember these few simple tips that will help you narrow down your choices. While all PlayFordHotel wedding venues offer a great deal to your big day, not all venues offer everything that is needed for your wedding. Choose wedding venues that provide the kind of look you are looking for and one that will truly suit the style of your wedding.