EMS Machine – An Ideal Choice For Injuries

A Zoe Tech EMS machine is an electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) machine that delivers low-voltage, low-amplification electric currents to the muscles to reduce pain. In contrast, TENS machines send high-voltage currents. So how to choose an EMS machine for your therapy needs?

An Zoe Tech EMS machine stimulates the nervous system by delivering low-voltage, high-amplification electrical impulses to the muscles to reduce pain signals sent to the brain. The function of an EMS machine is to excite the sensitive sensory nerve ends in your body to relieve pain. The pain signals are bypassed from the brain to the muscles to remove the ‘pain’ signal. The main reason being that this electrical impulse keeps pain signals away from the brain.

There are two types of EMS units: a direct current (DC) EMS and an alternating current (AC) EMS. The difference between these two types of EMS is the amperage and voltage supplied to the patient. AC devices require a direct current (DC) to work and are used more commonly for back and neck pain. DC equipment also has the advantage of having fewer complications when operating in an EMS field. However, AC devices are more efficient in delivering high voltages.

The electrical impulses delivered by an Zoe Tech EMS machine target the underlying cause of pain. This means that if the cause is damaged vertebrae or pinched nerves, the electrical impulses will have the desired effect. However, since the brain’s natural pain detectors do not send messages to the muscles, the treatment must be delayed until the damaged area is healed. It takes time for the damaged area to heal and new neural pathways are formed, so it is much more effective to use a non-invasive method when restoring function than to repair damaged muscles. This is what makes the Zoe Tech EMS machine such an excellent alternative to invasive procedures.

One popular EMS procedure uses electromagnetic pulses to relax tens of thousands of microscopic tears in the muscles and joints of the patient. After the device sends its “noise” into the tissue, the tiny tears are absorbed, and the body restores its ability to heal itself. The process does not leave a lasting scar and is not painful at all. Since it is non-invasive, patients can return to everyday activities immediately after the procedure. Unlike physical therapy, which often must continue for weeks on end, electronic muscle stimulation can be stopped at any time.

In addition to providing relief from pain, the Zoe Tech EMS machine can also help speed recovery and speed rehabilitation. Tearing a muscle or ligament causes microscopic tears in the surrounding tissue. While these tears are almost impossible to heal completely, the body forms stronger, faster-growing fibres to replace the torn ones. This process can be very helpful to athletes and other people who had experienced severe sports injuries in the past. The faster the body grows back, the less chance there is of suffering from the long term consequences of such an injury.